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Richie Stone


Teaching Artist

Richie Stone is a multifaceted performer, educator, and innovator based in Portland. He earned his BFA in acting from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA, specializing in vocal performance, physical expression, originating work, and improvisation. His diverse studies also encompassed niche areas such as burlesque, art management/history, and stage combat. Throughout his academic journey, Richie embraced the philosophy that artists possess boundless potential beyond their perceived limits, fueling his dedication to nurturing fellow artists and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Since childhood, Richie dreamed of becoming a Power Ranger, dedicating himself to gymnastics in his yard and immersing himself in reruns of his favorite episodes while perfecting his middle splits. Beyond his heroic aspirations, he engaged in spirited dance battles with neighborhood friends, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for performance. It was during high school that Richie's love for theater blossomed, ultimately leading him to forego martial arts in his senior year to fully devote himself to the stage.

As both a performing and visual artist, Richie has enjoyed a professional career since the age of 18, with performances spanning coast-to-coast. He returned to Portland just before the pandemic, reconnecting with his artistic roots and continuing to create impactful art in the community where his journey began.

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